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07.06.2021 10:59

MZT Skopje Aerodrom are the champions of North Macedonia

MZT Skopje Aerodrom have earned themselves their 8th domestic championship trophy, after having beaten Euro Nickel 3:0 in the Final series and sweeping the Finals.
16.02.2020 19:14

Spars Realway clinch the 2020 BiH National Cup trophy

Historic day for Spars Realway!
14.06.2019 12:01

MZT Skopje Aerodrom crowned Champions of North Macedonia

MZT Skopje Aerodrom have beaten Rabotnički for the third time in the North Macedonian Finals, swept the series and became the champions of their domestic championship for the 7th time.
17.02.2019 18:03

Slovenian National Cup remains in the trophy case of Sixt Primorska

The 1st placed team in ABA League 2 has once again won the Slovenian National Cup. 
24.09.2018 11:37

Sixt Primorska won their maiden Super Cup trophy

In Slovenian Super Cup, Sixt Primorska won their first Slovenian Super Cup trophy in their history, as they have beaten Petrol Olimpija in Tivoli Hall.
10.06.2018 23:20

National Championships: Vršac win the battle vs. Zlatibor

Vršac have finished the season at the 7th place in the 2017/18 Serbian Championship after beating Zlatibor in decisive Game 3 at home court. 
08.06.2018 21:21

National Championships: Vršac level the score vs. Zlatibor

There will be Game 3 in this series. 
06.06.2018 23:48

National Championships: Zlatibor beat Vršac at home court

In the classification game for the 7th place in the 2017/18 Serbian Championship, Zlatibor defeated Vršac in Game 1.
03.06.2018 22:21

National Championships: End of the dream for Borac, Dynamic celebrate

In Serbian National Championship, Borac have reached the end of the road, as they were eliminated by FMP in the Semi-finals after Game 3. Dynamic VIP PAY have eliminated Zlatibor in the series that have determined who will be placed between 5th and 6th place and who between 7th and 8th.
31.05.2018 23:07

National Championships: Borac levelled the series against FMP, Dynamic defeated

Borac have tied the Semi-final series against FMP to 1:1. Dynamic VIP PAY lost to Zlatibor.
29.05.2018 22:12

National Championships: Petrol Olimpija beat Krka and take the title in Slovenia!

The 1st ever champions of ABA 2 did not succeed in winning the crucial Game 5.
28.05.2018 23:26

National Championships: Vršac defeated by Mega Bemax

In the first of the classification games for positions between 5th and 8th, Vršac were defeated by Mega Bemax.