NLB ABA League 2 - Competition System


- The Regular Season will be played in a round-robin system with each team facing each other once in 13 rounds.

- The Regular season will be split in five tournaments with two tournament featuring two rounds and three tournaments featuring three rounds.

- The top 8th teams at the end of the regular season will qualify for the Playoffs.

- The Playoffs will be played in a knockout system, and each stage (quarter-finals, semi-finals, final) will be played in the home & away format, with the better placed team in the regular season playing the 2nd leg at home court. The team that scores more points on aggregate over the two legs will advance to the next round.

- If the aggregate score after the two legs is tied, the 2nd leg will enter into overtime.

- The Quarterfinals pairs are the following: 1-8, 2-7, 3-6, 4-5.

- The winners of the Quarterfinals will qualify to the Semifinals and the winners of the Semifinals will play the Final.

- The final standings of the season will be set according to the Playoffs and the regular season, with the champions being the first team, the other finalist being the 2nd placed team, while the places from 3-14 will be determined by the results and the standings of the regular season.