31.01.2023 11:00

Round 10 NLB MVP: Trent Buttrick (TFT Skopje)

We have the NLB MVP of the 10th round of the season and it is TFT Skopje player Trent Buttrick, who dominated the court in the game of his team against Vrijednosnice Osijek.
29.01.2023 17:59

Široki ended off round 10 with a win against GGD Šenčur

In the final match of the Banja Luka tournament, Široki got an important win for their playoff hopes against GGD Šenčur. 
29.01.2023 14:59

Sutjeska get the convincing win against Spars Ilidža

Sutjeska ended their Banja Luka tournament with a big win against Spars Ilidža. This is the 7th win of the 2022/2023 NLB ABA League 2 season for Sutjeska in their hunt for playoff position. 
29.01.2023 11:59

Zlatibor Gold Gondola end their Banja Luka tournament with a win against Pelister-Bitola

Zlatibor Gold Gondola gets the win in Banja Luka against Pelister-Bitola. Following this win, Zlatibor Gold Gondola improves to a 7-3 season record after 10 rounds. 
28.01.2023 18:00

Major comeback for Sloga’s triumph over Borac WWIN

In their last game of the Banja Luka NLB ABA League 2 Regular Season Tournament, Sloga have prevailed over Borac WWIN.
28.01.2023 15:00

Helios Suns beat Krka in the clash of the top and qualify for the Playoffs

In the derby of the top of the standings, a local clash between Krka and Helios Suns, the latter have emerged victorious and protected their undefeated record after 10 rounds.
28.01.2023 11:59

Trent Buttrick puts up double-double to lead TFT Skopje toward the win vs. Vrijednosnice Osijek

TFT Skopje have scored their 3rd win of the season as they prevailed over Vrijednosnice Osijek in Round 10.
27.01.2023 21:00

Excellent second half hands Podgorica a big win over Gorica

In the opening game of the NLB ABA League 2 Round 10, Podgorica have prevailed over Gorica, thanks to their furious second half display.
27.01.2023 19:44

Round 9 NLB MVP: Karlo Uljarević (Gorica)

We have the NLB MVP of the 9th round of the season and it is Gorica player Karlo Uljarević, who dominated the court in the game of his team against Sloga.
27.01.2023 18:00

GGD Šenčur grab second win in a row

On Friday night, GGD Šenčur, have prevailed over Spars Ilidža, having grabbed their second win in a row.
26.01.2023 20:59

Helios Suns stay perfect as they down Zlatibor Gold Gondola

Helios Suns dominated the 4th quarter to beat Zlatibor Gold Gondola and keep the perfect record in the 2022/23 NLB ABA League 2 regular season.  
26.01.2023 17:59

Borac WWIN prevail in the big battle vs. Krka

Borac WWIN have scored another very important win as they defeated Krka in one of the derby games of Round 9.