27.03.2021 17:00

Mladost Maxbet stronger than Borac

In the final round of the ABA League 2 Regular Season, Mladost Maxbet have prevailed over Borac of Banja Luka.
27.03.2021 13:00

Gorica prevailed over Sutjeska

In the clash of two squads that will not be playing in the 2020/21 ABA League 2 Playoffs, Gorica have prevailed over Sutjeska.
26.03.2021 21:00

Spars claim second place before Playoffs by beating Široki

In the opening game of the ABA League 2 Round 13, Spars have prevailed over Široki and claimed second place in the regular season.
26.03.2021 16:59

Studentski centar seal the 1st place in the regular season

Studentski centar have secured 1st place in the regular season after defeating Sloboda Užice in the last game of Round 12.
26.03.2021 13:00

Podgorica and Zlatibor qualified for Playoffs

In the opening game of the Friday’s ABA League 2 schedule, Podgorica have prevailed over Zlatibor at the Zlatibor Regular Season Tournament and Qualified for the ABA League 2 Playoffs. However, Zlatibor have sealed their Playoffs ticket as well, despite their defeat.
25.03.2021 20:59

Rabotnički win the thriller vs. Helios Suns

Rabotnički have prevailed over Helios Suns in a very dramatic ending. Helios Suns top scorer in this season Blaž Mahkovic missed the lay-up at the buzzer that would have won the game for his team.
25.03.2021 16:59

Borac Banja Luka stay on the winning track as they beat Lovćen 1947

Borac Banja Luka have scored their 6th consecutive win in the 2020/21 ABA League 2 regular season as they beat Lovćen 1947 this Thursday evening in Round 12.
25.03.2021 12:59

MZT Skopje Aerodrom down Gorica and book their ticket for the Playoffs

MZT Skopje Aerodrom have qualified for the 2021 ABA League 2 Playoffs after beating Gorica in Round 12 of the regular season. 
24.03.2021 21:00

Mladost Maxbet prevailed over Široki and qualified for the Playoffs

Mladost Maxbet have qualified for the ABA League 2 Playoffs, as they have beaten Široki in Zlatibor.
24.03.2021 17:00

Spars beat Sutjeska and grab their 9th win of the season

Spars have prevailed over Sutjeska on Wednesda night in Zlatibor and strengthened their position high in the standings, as they now hold 9 wins in their hands.
24.03.2021 13:00

Podgorica edged out Sloboda in final quarter

Thanks to their excellent performance late in the game, Podgorica have prevailed over Sloboda iz Wai Tai Sports Hall, Zlatibor.
23.03.2021 20:59

Borac Banja Luka prevail over Rabotnički and qualify for the Playoffs

Borac Banja Luka is the 3rd team to qualify for the 2021 ABA League 2 Playoffs!