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16.05.2018 22:15

National Championships: Split stun Cedevita; Igokea level the score against Zrinjski

Home court is obviously a big advantage in the national championships around the region…
15.05.2018 22:17

National Championships: MZT Skopje will play in the Finals; Spars level the score vs. Bosna

MZT Skopje Aerodrom have qualified for the 2017/18 Macedonian Championship Finals, where they will face their arch rivals Rabotnički. Bosna Royal and Spars will play Game 3 in the battle for the 3rd place in the 2017/18 Bosnia & Herzegovina Championship.
14.05.2018 20:54

National Championships: Krka and Rabotnički in the Finals

National Championships are going on in ABA League countries. On Monday night, Krka joined Petrol Olimpija in the finals in Slovenia and Rabotnički became the first to reach the Finals in Macedonia.
13.05.2018 20:08

National Championships: Bosna Royal beat Spars

The competitions in the national championship are going on and the most exciting night for the ABA League 2 fans was perhaps in Sarajevo, where Bosna Royal prevailed over Spars. Split lost to Cedevita, while MZT Skopje Aerodrom have edged out Blokotehna.
12.05.2018 22:45

National Championships; Zrinjski stun Igokea in Game 1 of the BiH Finals

It was a busy day in the national championships around the region. 
11.05.2018 20:40

National Championships: MZT Skopje suffered defeat in Game 2 of the semis

The score is now all tied in the semifinal series between MZT Skopje Aerodrom and Blokotehna.
09.05.2018 22:47

National Championships: Zrinjski and Sixt Pimorska successful

The National Championships’ Playoffs in the ABA League countries are well underway and for the ABA League fans the most interesting scores of the night were the victories of Zrinjski and Sixt Primorska.
08.05.2018 15:10

National Championships: MZT Skopje Aerodrom take the lead in the Semi-finals

In the opening game of the Macedonian National Championship Playoffs, MZT Skopje Aerodrom have outscored Blokotehna at home court of the Jane Sandanski Arena Skopje.
08.05.2018 11:34

National Championships: Krka, Rogaška and Sixt Primorska chasing the trophy

In Slovenia, the domestic championship has reached its final phase, the battle for the trophy, as the Playoffs are set to start. Petrol Olimpija will be defending the trophy, won last season, while Rogaška and Sixt Primorska, as well as the reigning ABA League 2 champions of Krka, will be challenging them.
06.05.2018 11:00

National championships: Playoffs set to begin in Macedonia

In Macedonian National Championship, the teams are set to start fighting for the domestic trophy and two tickets for the ABA League 2 competition next season.
05.05.2018 23:20

National Championships: Split advanced, Zrinjski tied the Semi-final series

In the Bosnia and Herzegovina, Igokea have advanced to the Finals, while Spars and Zrinjski will battle for the Finals berth in the third game. In Croatia, Split, Zadar and Cedevita have qualified for the Semi-finals, while Škrljevo have forced game 3 against Cibona.
02.05.2018 21:33

National Championships: Split take the lead in the quarter-finals

Split were victorious at the start of the 2017/18 Croatian National Championship Playoffs; Zrinjski and Bosna Royal suffered defeats in the opening games of the 2017/18 BiH National Championship semi-finals.