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05.12.2017 08:27

FEC: Bosna powerless against Le Portel

Bosna Royal have finished their 2017/18  European journey with a home defeat against French team Le Portel.  
04.12.2017 14:14

FEC: Bosna saying farewell to Europe for this season

In the last match of the 2017/18 FIBA Europe Cup Group Stage, Bosna Royal will host French team Le Portel.
15.11.2017 22:14

Bosna suffered another defeat in FIBA Europe Cup

Once again, Donar Groningen were too strong for Bosna Royal.
14.11.2017 11:45

FEC: Bosna play against Groningen, but think about Split

Bosna Royal will face Donar Groningen away in the 5th round of the 2017/18 FIBA Europe Cup. 
08.11.2017 10:57

Bosna defeated on the road by Antwerp

Bosna Royal suffered a defeat in the fourth round of the FIBA Europe Cup Regular Season, on the road in Antwerp.
07.11.2017 12:54

FEC: Bosna travel to Belgium to face Antwerp Giants

In the 4th round of 2017/18 FIBA Europe Cup, Bosna Royal will play against Antwerp Giants on the road. 
31.10.2017 15:09

FEC: Tough night for Bosna Royal

Bosna Royal have suffered a pretty heavy defeat against Le Portel in France. 
30.10.2017 11:35

FEC: Bosna face Le Portel and think about Thursday

Bosna Royal will on Tuesday evening play against French team Le Portel on the road in the 3rd round of FIBA Europe Cup.
25.10.2017 16:45

Bosna got defeated by Donar Groningen

Bosna Royal suffered a pretty heavy home defeat against Donar Groningen in the 2nd round of 2017/18 FIBA Europe Cup. 
24.10.2017 13:19

FEC: Bosna want to repeat Monday's performance

Bosna Royal will host Donar Groningen in the 2nd round of the 2017/18 FIBA Europe Cup. 
18.10.2017 23:24

FEC: Mornar victorious, Bosna defeated

Mornar have successfully began their FIBA Europe Cup campaign with a triumph over FC Porto, while Bosna Royal were defeated by Telenet Giants Antwerp.
17.10.2017 07:59

FEC: Mornar and Bosna start their Europe Cup campaign

Another European competition is starting this week.