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28.09.2017 11:55

Mornar and Bosna to play in the FIBA Europe Cup

The FIBA Europe Cup website has announced that Mornar of Bar and Bosna of Sarajevo will be amongst the teams that will find themselves in their competition this season.
21.09.2017 00:00

Bosna Royal eliminated from Champions League Qualifiers

Bosna Royal have suffered a heavy defeat on the road in Ludwigsburg in the Basketball Champions League Qualification Round 1 and have lost their chances of advancing into the next stage.
17.09.2017 10:19

Bosna strarting their European journey

Bosna of Sarajevo are beginning with their European season, as the Qualification Round 1 for the Basketball Champions League are set to tip-off.
17.09.2017 10:17

Bosna seeking for a second chance

After a defeat in the first leg of the Basketball Champions League Qualification Round 1, Bosna Royal are travelling to Ludwigsburg to try to turn the series around.
17.09.2017 10:04

Bosna Royal defeated by MHP Riesen

Bosna Royal fans cannot be satisfied with the way their team have begun the qualifiers for the Basketball Champions League. They have been heavily defeated by MHP Riesen in Sarajevo.