Tag: Lovćen 1947

06.11.2019 18:00

Lovćen 1947 Bemax better than Dynamic VIP PAY

In the sixth round of the ABA League 2 Round 6, Lovćen 1947 Bemax have beaten Dynamic VIP PAY at home in Cetinje.
06.03.2019 14:16

Lovćen successful on the road in Vršac

On the road in Millenium Sports Hall in Vršac, Lovćen 1947 have beaten the hosts and have celebrated their tenth win of the season.
27.02.2019 18:00

Celebration time for Split in Cetinje

On the road in Cetinje, Split have beaten Lovćen 1947 after thrilling final moments of the game. Their fans will be celebrating the name of Mauro Veljačić after this clash for sure!
31.01.2019 18:00

Helios Suns victorious against Lovćen 1947 in Domžale

At home in 18th round of the ABA League 2, Helios Suns have grabbed a win against Lovćen 1947 of Cetinje.
16.01.2019 19:00

Borac grab important win over Lovćen 1947

At home in Borac Sports Hall, Borac have beaten Lovćen 1947, scored their eighth win of the ABA League 2 season and stay in the race for a spot in the Playoffs.
26.12.2018 16:30

Big win for Sutjeska on the road in Cetinje

On the road in Cetinje, Sutjeska have prevailed over Lovćen 1947 and have grabbed their second win in a row over a team from the Playoffs zone.
19.12.2018 18:00

Important win for Lovćen 1947 on the road in Rogaška Slatina

On the road in Rogaška Slatina, Lovćen 1947 have demonstrated another excellent display and have grabbed a new victory, their eighth of the season!
06.12.2018 14:00

Lovćen keep counting on Playoffs after beating Vršac

In Cetinje, Lovćen 1947 have beaten Vršac and achieved their 6th win of the ABA League season. Vršac, on the other hand, continue to struggle at the bottom of the standings.
14.11.2018 15:47

Lovćen better than Zrinjski in Cetinje

In the eighth round of the ABA League 2 season, Lovćen 1947 have been better than Zrinjski in their clash in Cetinje. The hosts made everything clear already in the opening half.
31.10.2018 18:30

Sixt Primorska still perfect after 6 rounds!

Sixt Primorska are staying perfect even after six rounds played in the ABA League 2! They have beaten Lovćen 1947 at home court in Bonifika Sports Hall in Koper.
25.10.2018 17:00

Big win for Lovćen – Borac have fallen in Cetinje

Lovćen have grabbed a huge win in the battle of two teams from the bottom of the standings – at home in Cetinje they have downed Borac of Čačak!
10.10.2018 15:20

Spars grab second win on the season on the road in Cetinje

On the road in Cetinje, Spars have achieved their second win of the ABA League 2 season, as they have beaten Lovćen 1947.