KK Mega MIS, Beograd


Beginnings Mega Basket, established on 23 December 1998 as Avala Ada, is not one of the clubs that are famous for its tradition or highly spread fanatic fan base, but – the club has established itself as one of the greatest talent producers in the World over the past several days. With excellent work with youngsters and provocative marketing activities, the club has therefore gained an exceptionally high reputation Worldwide. Over the past few years, the club has been constantly building the youngest rosters in entire Europe, when it comes to the highest level of professional basketball and that only confirmed the previously written words.

Glory Days

Glory Days Mega Basket has yet to prove its quality by winning the trophies at the senior level, but these days are slowly, but for sure coming. In the 2014/15 season, the club that yoined the regional competition for the first time in the 2013/14 season, reached the final of Serbian national cup competition and lost to Crvena zvezda Telekom after fierce battle. The next step followed soon, as they won the Cup in 2016.

Club Information

Ulica Pariske komune 20, 11070 Novi Beograd SHOW MAP
+381 11 655 0214
+381 11 655 0214


President:Velimir Mihailović
General Manager:Goran Ćakić


Hala sportova Ranko Žeravica
Ulica Pariske komune 20, 11070 Novi Beograd SHOW MAP

Trophy Case

Serbian National Cup


Club Transfers

Players left Season 2023/24

Luka Cerovina (SLUC Nancy Basket)
Danko Branković (Bayern Munich)
Matej Rudan (Breogan Lugo)
Malcolm Cazalon (Detroit Pistons)
Andrija Grbović (Budućnost VOLI)
Branislav Terzić
Aleksa Uskoković
Ahmaad Rorie
Nikola Topić (Crvena zvezda Meridianbet)

Players arrived Season 2023/24

Andrija Jelavić (OKK Belgrade)
Timotej Malovec (OKK Belgrade)
Stefan Miljenović  (OKK Belgrade)
Omercan Ilyasoglu (Besiktas)
Nemanja Popović (Vojvodina)
Nikola Topić (Crvena zvezda Meridianbet)
Uroš Plavšić (University of Tennessee)
Nikola Janković (FMP Soccerbet)
Lovro Gnjidić (Split)
Ilija Milijašević (Spartak Office Shoes)

Team Roster

# Name Position Height Date of Birth Nationality
1 Luka Paunović Shooting Guard 197 07.08.2002 SRB
2 Ilija Milijašević Guard 189 06.02.2004 SRB
3 Stefan Miljenović Guard 190 21.08.2001 SRB
4 Andrija Jelavić Power Forward 210 26.05.2004 HRV
6 Oleksandr Kobzystyi Shooting Guard 201 23.05.2003 UKR
7 Nemanja Popović Forward 205 29.12.2001 SRB
8 Mihailo Milutinović Guard 191 21.03.2003 SRB
10 Omercan Ilyasoglu Guard 193 01.01.2001 TUR
11 Nikola Đurišić Shooting Guard 204 23.02.2004 SRB
12 Petar Kovačević Power Forward 203 30.10.2002 SRB
17 Petar Milosavčević Shooting Guard 197 19.05.2006 SRB
19 Bogoljub Marković Forward 212 12.07.2005 SRB
22 Lovro Gnjidić Guard 197 18.04.2001 HRV
33 Uroš Plavšić Center 217 22.12.1998 SRB
34 Filip Jović Forward 205 01.02.2005 BIH
77 Andrej Mušicki Guard 189 14.02.2005 SRB
88 Timotej Malovec Forward 204 25.04.2004 SVK
Marko Barać Coach

Club Statistics

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Game Stats

overall FG2 FG3 FT Rebs Blck Foul
Pts % M A % M A % M A % D O T Ass St To Fv Ag Cm Rv Val

FG2, FG3 - Field Goals

M - Made

Ag - Against

Rebs - Rebounds

St - Steals

FT - Free Throws

A - Attempted

Foul - Foul

D - Defensive

To - Turnover

Min - Minutes

Blck - Blocks

Cm - Committed

O - Offensive

Val - Index Value

Pts - Points

Fv - in Favoure of

Rv - Received

Ass - Assists

W - Won, L - Lost