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05.11.2017 09:00

Round 4 MVP: Marko Jošilo (Krka)

We have the MVP of the 4th round of the season and it is Krka forward Marko Jošilo. Jošilo dominated the court in Rogaška Slatina in the game of his team against Rogaška.
04.11.2017 15:00

Sixt Primorska stay undefeated at home court

In the fourth round of the season in the ABA League 2, Sixt Primorska have beaten Lovćen 1947 Cetinje at home in Koper and kept their undefeated record in Bonifika and a 3:1 score overall. Lovćen continue with one victory.
03.11.2017 13:58

ABA League 2 on Saturday - Sixt Primorska vs. Lovćen 1947

The last match of Round 4 will be played on Saturday when Sixt Primorska are about to face Lovćen 1947.
02.11.2017 16:59

Dynamic VIP PAY victorious against Bosna Royal

Dynamic VIP PAY scored a valuable home win against Bosna Royal in the 4th round of the 2017/18 ABA League 2 regular season.
01.11.2017 19:49

Teodo better than Split in Tivat

In the 4th round of the season, Teodo have beaten Split at home in Tivat and find themselves at the second place in the standings with three wins after four games played. Split have a 50% record at the moment.
01.11.2017 18:00

Vršac beat Borac

In Millenium Sports Hall, Vršac, the home side have beaten Borac in the 4th round of the ABA League 2 season and keep their place at the top of the standings. On the other side, this is the second defeat for Borac in four games.
01.11.2017 14:55

Big game on Thursday - Dynamic VIP PAY host Bosna Royal

Both sides have ambitions to qualify for the 2017/18 Final Four...
31.10.2017 17:58

Krka beat Rogaška in overtime, Marko Jošilo is the hero of the day

The squad from Novo mesto pulled off a stunning comeback in the 4th round of ABA League 2.
31.10.2017 16:49

Zrinjski had no problems against AV Ohrid

Zrinjski have scored another home win in the 2017/18 ABA League 2 season. 
31.10.2017 14:44

Derby time - Vršac vs. Borac; Teodo host Split

Two ABA League 2 games will be played this Wednesday. 
30.10.2017 13:43

Zrinjski host AV Ohrid, Rogaška face Krka

The 4th round of 2017/18 ABA League 2 regular season will start on Tuesday evening.
27.10.2017 09:05

Round 3 MVP: Nemanja Todorović (Borac)

We have the MVP of the 3rd round of the season and it is Borac big man Nemanja Todorović. Todorović dominated the court in Borac Sports Hall in Čačak in the game of his team against Lovćen 1947 Cetinje.