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12.10.2017 15:06

VIDEO: Mateo Kedžo had index rating of 51!!!

Split forward Mateo Kedžo made a stunning performance in the 1st round of the 2017/18 ABA League 2 season!
12.10.2017 11:00

Round 1 MVP: Mateo Kedžo (Split)

We have the MVP of the 1st round of the season and it is Split's power forward Mateo Kedžo. Kedžo dominated the court in Split Basketball Hall in the game of his Split against Zrinjski.
11.10.2017 17:01

Victories for Borac, Teodo, Split, Krka and Sixt Primorska!

It was very exciting this Wednesday evening in ABA League 2.
10.10.2017 17:59

Vršac became the 1st team to score win in ABA League 2

Vršac scored a huge win in the opening game of the 2017/18 ABA League 2 season as they defeated Bosna Royal on the road.
09.10.2017 12:24

It's time for ABA League 2!

The first ever edition of ABA League 2 is about to start on Tuesday evening!
29.09.2017 16:55

Sixt Primorska qualified for the ABA League 2

Sixt Primorska is the last participating team of the second division of the ABA League, after they have beaten Sutjeska in the decisive game of the third round of the qualifying tournament in Laktaši.
28.09.2017 16:56

Vršac beat Sutjeska and qualify for 2017/18 ABA League 2 season

We have the 11th participant of the 2017/18 ABA League 2 season. It is Vršac!
27.09.2017 16:54

Sutjeska and Vršac victorious

In the first round of the ABA League 2 Qualifying Tournament, Vršac and Sutjeska have celebrated victories, by beating Sixt Primorska and Široki, respectively.
26.09.2017 11:00

Everything is ready for the Qualifying Tournament in Laktaši

In three days we will get the answer which will be the last two teams to take their spots in the ABA League 2 for the next season. Will it be Sixt Primorska, Sutjeska, Široki or Vršac?
17.09.2017 11:00

Schedule of the Qualifying Tournament is now set

With Široki having won the ABA League Second Division Pre-Qualifying Tournament, we now have all the participants of the Qualifying Tournament, which will take place in Laktaši between 27 and 29 of September. They are Sixt Primorska, Sutjeska, Široki and Vršac.
16.09.2017 17:06

Široki will play at ABA League 2 Qualifying Tournament

Široki have won the 1st place at the ABA League 2 Pre-Qualifying tournament by beating Sloboda Tuzla. 
15.09.2017 17:01

Široki better than Mladost

Široki are the first team with a victory at the ABA League Second Divison Pre-Qualifying Tournament, as they have beaten Mladost Mrkonjić grad in Laktaši.