BEGINNINGS: Basketball was brought to Domžale in 1949 by the pupils of Brate Orehek and Vid Zule, who studied in Karlovac and introduced the game to the people of Domžale. Ever since it has been an important part of social life in this town near Ljubljana. The club was first named Partizan-Domžale and played its first game in 1950. The club's last name change occured in 2014, when they have renamed themselves to Helios Suns.

Glory Days

GLORY DAYS: The club has long tradition and has been playing in the ABA League for the first time in the 2003/04 season. The club has also had several other peaks, as they have won the Slovenian National Championship trophies in 2007 and 2016 and Slovenian National Cup trophy in 2007. They have won also the Alpe Adria Cup in 2016. Today, the club is known as one of the greatest developers of young talent in Slovenia.
Club Information
KK Helios Suns Domžale, Domžale

Mestni trg 1, 1230 Domžale, Slovenia

+386 (0)1 724 10 15

+386 (0)1 724 10 15

President:David Kubala
General Manager:Matevž Zupančič

Venue Športna dvorana Domžale
Mestni trg 1, 1230 Domžale, Slovenia

Trophy Case

Slovenian National Championship

2007, 2016

Slovenian National Cup


Alpe Adria Cup


Club Transfers

Players left 2018-19

Players arrived 2018-19

Đoko Šalić (Partizan NIS)
Urban Durnik (Zlatorog)
Miroslav Pašajlić (Helios Suns)

Team Roster

# Name Position Height Date of Birth Nationality
Jure Besedič Center 207 12.04.1992 Slovenian
Aljaž Bratec Shooting Guard 192 31.05.1998 Slovenian
Urban Durnik Power Forward 204 19.06.1997 Slovenian
Miha Fon Shooting Guard 193 08.01.1984 Slovenian
Nikola Gajić Shooting Guard 195 15.07.1991 BiH
Adrian Jogan Center 205 15.05.2000
Nejc Klavžar Guard 187 21.03.1999 Slovenian
Jure Močnik Guard 183 23.08.1985 Slovenian
Urban Oman Forward 198 02.12.1998 Slovenian
Miroslav Pašajlić Guard 190 07.02.1995 Serbian
Đoko Šalić Center 210 18.09.1995 Serbian
Alexander Shashkov Power Forward 210 26.02.2000 Russian
Jakob Strel Forward 199 22.08.2000 Slovenian
Matic Vesel Power Forward 206 25.02.1998 Slovenian
Jovan Beader Coach

Club Statistics

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Game Stats

overall FG2 FG3 FT Rebs Blck Foul
Pts % M A % M A % M A % D O Ass St To Fv Ag Cm Rv Val

Player Stats

overall FG2 FG3 FT Rebs Blck Foul
GP Min Pts % M A % M A % M A % D O Ass St To Fv Ag Cm Rv Val

FG2, FG3 - Field Goals

M - Made

Ag - Against

Rebs - Rebounds

St - Steals

FT - Free Throws

A - Attempted

Foul - Foul

D - Defensive

To - Turnover

Min - Minutes

Blck - Blocks

Cm - Committed

O - Offensive

Val - rank Value

Pts - Points

Fv - in Favoure of

Rv - Received

Ass - Assists

W - Won, L - Lost