16.09.2017 17:06

Široki will play at ABA League 2 Qualifying Tournament

Široki have won the 1st place at the ABA League 2 Pre-Qualifying tournament by beating Sloboda Tuzla. 
16.09.2017 13:52

Teodo sign 1-year contracts with Radulović and Abramovič

Two more newcomers have landed in Tivat.
15.09.2017 17:01

Široki better than Mladost

Široki are the first team with a victory at the ABA League Second Divison Pre-Qualifying Tournament, as they have beaten Mladost Mrkonjić grad in Laktaši.
14.09.2017 11:00

Mladost, Sloboda and Široki to fight for a spot in qualifiers in Laktaši

The inaugural season of the second division of the ABA League is set to begin with its first stage – the Pre-Qualifying Tournament, which will take place in Laktaši and where three teams will seek their chance to take a spot at the Qualifying Tournament.
13.09.2017 14:04

Lovćen signed with Ivan Jelenić

Former Mornar and Budućnost VOLI player Ivan Jelenić will play in the ABA League second division next season. He agreed on terms of cooperation with Lovćen 1947 Cetinje.
13.09.2017 10:50

Another newcomer has landed in Tivat - Nikola Rondović signs with Teodo

Teodo Tivat crew are getting stronger and stronger...
11.09.2017 12:36

Borac signed with Prlja

Borac have announced the signing of the new power forward for their team – it is Predrag Prlja, who grew up with Spartak Subotica and played for them from 2010 until this summer.
10.09.2017 14:33

Seminar for statisticians of the ABA League clubs in Belgrade

With a goal of the best possible preparation for the new season, the seminar for statisticians took place at Belgrade's Faculty of Sports.
08.09.2017 12:38

Lovćen get stronger with Albijanić and Korać

Lovćen 1947 Cetinje confirmed their high ambitions for the inaugural season of the second division of the ABA League, by adding two experienced ABA League players to their roster – Draško Albijanić and Nikola Korać.
07.09.2017 18:10

ABA League 2 Pre-qualifying tournament in Laktaši

The pre-qualifying tournament for the second division of ABA League, only for the clubs of BiH will take place between 15 and 17 September in Laktaši and will be organized by ABA League j.t.d.
07.09.2017 13:05

Dynamic sign another American player - Dekabriean Eldridge has arrived in Belgrade

Dekabriean Eldridge is a new player of Dynamic.
07.09.2017 12:32

Teodo extend contract with Miloš Đurišić and sign Milovan Savić

Two transfer news are coming from Tivat.