Category : ABA

26.01.2023 17:59

Borac WWIN prevail in the big battle vs. Krka

Borac WWIN have scored another very important win as they defeated Krka in one of the derby games of Round 9.
26.01.2023 14:59

Široki dominate the 2nd half to beat TFT Skopje

Široki conceded just 17 points for the entire 2nd half.
25.01.2023 20:59

Uljarević and Batur lead Gorica toward their first win of the season

There are no more winless teams in the 2022/23 NLB ABA League 2 campaign as Gorica defeated Sloga to grab their first victory in the ongoing season.
25.01.2023 18:00

Podgorica score their 3rd consecutive win as they prevail over Vrijednosnice Osijek

Podgorica prevailed over Vrijednosnice Osijek and extended their winning streak which now streches to 3 games. 
25.01.2023 17:23

Round 8 NLB MVP: Martin Jaron (Borac WWIN)

We have the NLB MVP of the 8th round of the season and it is Borac WWIN player Martin Jaron, who dominated the court in the game of his team against Zlatibor Gold Gondola.
25.01.2023 15:00

Pelister-Bitola put up dominant performance to beat Spars Ilidža

Pelister-Bitola have made a big step toward the Playoffs as they defeated Spars Ilidža in the final game of Round 8.
24.01.2023 20:59

GGD Šenčur gets their first win of the season against TFT Skopje

GGD Šenčur ended their losing streak and got their first win of the season after defeating TFT Skopje in Borik sports hall, Banja Luka. 
24.01.2023 17:59

Borac WWIN gets the win against Zlatibor Gold Gondola

Borac WWIN pulls away in the fourth quarter to get the win against Zlatibor Gold Gondola. After 8 rounds these two teams have the same season record at 6-2. 
24.01.2023 14:59

Helios Suns stay perfect after defeating Sutjeska

Helios Suns get their 8th straight win this season after they bested Sutjeska in Borik sports hall, Banja Luka. 
23.01.2023 21:00

Major comeback by Podgorica for the win over Široki

In the last game on schedule on Monday night in the NLB ABA League 2, Podgorica have prevailed over Široki in Borik Sports Hall in Banja Luka after a major comeback.
23.01.2023 18:00

Sloga stronger than Vrijednosnice Osijek

In the second game of the Monday’s NLB ABA League 2 schedule, Sloga of Kraljevo have prevailed over Vrijednosnice Osijek, and scored their fifth win of the season.
23.01.2023 15:00

Krka stronger than Gorica at Banja Luka Tournament opener

In the opening game of the NLB ABA League 2 Banja Luka Regular Season Tournament, Krka have outgunned Gorica.