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27.02.2020 16:40

Split get closer to Playoffs by prevailing over Rogaška

Split have made another step towards their desired goal – reach the Top 4 at the end of the Regular Season, as they have beaten their competitors of Rogaška on the road in Rogaška Slatina.
05.02.2020 20:38

Important win for Split over Sutjeska

Split have prevailed over Sutjeska at home court in Split sports hall.
30.01.2020 17:15

Borac stay undefeated at home court

At home in Čačak, Borac have prevailed over Split in a game, that has turned out to be pretty one-sided, more that one could expect.
21.01.2020 19:00

Big home win for Split over MZT

At home in Gripe, Split have prevailed over MZT Skopje Aerodrom and have grabbed their 9th win of the ABA League 2 season.
09.01.2020 17:52

Split celebrate home win over Sloboda

At home in Split Sports Hall, Split have celebrated a triumph over Sloboda of Tuzla.
02.01.2020 16:58

Lovćen 1947 Bemax beat Split after ovwertime

After an overtime, Lovćen 1947 Bemax have beaten Split at home in Cetinje.
19.12.2019 17:34

Dynamic VIP PAY prevailed over Split

In 12th round of the ABA League 2 season, Dynamic VIP PAY have beaten Split at home in Belgrade.
12.12.2019 16:51

Široki stronger than Split

In a battle of two squads with Playoffs ambitions, Široki have prevailed over Split at home in Pecara Sports Hall, Široki Brijeg.
03.12.2019 17:33

Second consecutive win for Split

In the tenth round of the ABA League 2 season, Split have beaten Helios Suns at home in Gripe and scored their second consecutive win, which keeps them in the race for a Playoffs spot.
28.11.2019 16:55

Major comeback by Split for a win over Rogaška

Split are keeping their Playoffs dream alive, as they have come up with a major comeback against Rogaška in the last quarter and achieved their fourth win of the season.
14.11.2019 18:48

Major comeback gives Borac road win in Split and first place

In the seventh round of the ABA League 2 season, Borac have beaten Split on the road after a major comeback in the second half and now hold six triumphs in their hands, which puts them alone at the top of the standings.
31.10.2019 17:59

Strong home-court performance by Split against Spars

At home court, Split have beaten Spars of Sarajevo and stay in the Playoffs race.