Tag: Zrinjski Mostar

06.03.2019 16:16

Major comeback and sweet win for Zrinjski in Split

After a major comeback, Zrinjski are celebrating a road win in Split.
28.02.2019 17:05

Helios Suns prevailed over Zrinjski in Domžale

Helios Suns have beaten Zrinjski at home in Domžale in the 20th round of the ABA League 2 season.
16.01.2019 16:39

MZT keep the second position by beating Zrinjski

MZT Skopje Aerodrom stay firmly seated in the Playoffs zone, as they have prevailed over Zrinjski in the 16th round of the season and have grabbed their 11th win.
10.01.2019 19:27

Spars celebrate 10th win of the season in Mostar

On the road in Bijeli Brijeg sports Hall in Mostar, Spars have beaten Zrinjski and celebrated their 10th win of the currenty ABA League 2 season.
13.12.2018 17:00

Major comeback and win for Zrinjski in Vršac

In the last round of the first half of the regular season, Zrinjski have made a major comeback to beat Vršac on the road in Millenium Hall.
06.12.2018 17:00

Sweet triumph for Zrinjski – Split have fallen in Bijeli brijeg

At home in Bijeli brijeg sports hall in Mostar, Zrinjski have topped Split and achieved their third triumph of the season.
23.11.2018 09:00

Round 9 MVP: Sven Smajlagić (Zrinjski)

We have the MVP of the 9th round of the season and it is Zrinjski shooting guard Sven Smajlagić, who dominated the court in the game of Zrinjski against Helios Suns at home in Mostar.
14.11.2018 15:47

Lovćen better than Zrinjski in Cetinje

In the eighth round of the ABA League 2 season, Lovćen 1947 have been better than Zrinjski in their clash in Cetinje. The hosts made everything clear already in the opening half.
26.10.2018 09:00

Round 5 MVP: Marko Ramljak (Zrinjski)

We have the MVP of the 5th round of the season and it is Zrinjski forward Marko Ramljak, who dominated the court in the game of Zrinjski against MZT Skopje Aerodrom at home in Mostar.
16.10.2018 17:27

Spars celebrate a win in the local derby

Spars have celebrated their third win of the ABA League 2 season, after beating Zrinjski at home in the local derby. Zrinjski will have to wait a bit longer for their maiden win of the season.
10.10.2018 16:33

Sutjeska celebrated an overtime win on the road in Mostar

In the third round of the ABA League 2 season, Sutjeska have achieved their second win in the competition, as they have edged out Zrinjski on the road in Mostar, in an overtime thriller!
08.10.2018 10:45

Boris Bakić new Zrinjski reinforcement

Zrinjski have signed a contract with experienced Boris Bakić.