Mega win overtime thriller against Olimpija and stay unbeaten

Friday, 19. October 2018 at 17:00

In the match of the round, Mega Bemax are currently hosting Petrol Olimpija in Pinki Sports Hall, Sremska Mitrovica. Follow live play by play on our website.

Mega Bemax team (Photo: Mega Bemax/Ivica Veselinov)

ABA League Round 4, Friday, 19.10.2018:

MEGA BEMAX - Petrol Olimpija 81:77 (20:18, 19:30, 17:15, 18:11, 7:3) 




Game recap: Mega Bemax remain unbeaten after four rounds played. The Sremska Mitrovica squad have beaten Petrol Olimpija after a thrilling, overtime, ending of the game in Pinki Sports Hall, which means that they still haven’t suffered a single defeat this season in the ABA League. On the other hand, Petrol Olimpija have suffered their second defeat of the season, which keeps them in the middle of the standings in the regional competition.

Key moments: Just like the final score and the fact that the overtime was played, suggest, there has been a thrilling finish and the game was decided only in the final minute. At the entrance of the final 60 seconds, Nikola Mišković took advantage of a mismatch situation with Bojan Radulović at the perimeter, to score a three-pointer and take his team to a 79:77 lead. When Reynolds made a turnover on the other end and Luka Ašćerić scored 2 free throws for Mega with less than half a minute remaining on the game clock, the battle for a pair of points was over. The win stayed in Sremska Mitrovica.

Man of the match: Nikola Mišković was not only the key player at the end of the game, but he was also the most efficient on Mega Bemax squad. He scored 18 points, while adding 6 rebounds and an assist and had a valuation of 18. He is our man of the match!

Can't trick the stats: Even though they were pretty good in many categories, Petrol Olimpija had as many as 25 turnovers. This is simply too many to beat a team from the top of the standings in an away game.