Assembly of the Presidency and Management of the ABA League j.t.d. took place in Belgrade

Sunday, 16. July 2017 at 17:25

At the assembly of the Presidency of the ABA League j.t.d. and Management of the ABA League j.t.d., held on 16 July 2017 in Belgrade, the status of implementation of the decisions, taken at the ABA League j.t.d. Assembly in Zagreb on 10 July 2017 was analyzed and a series of conclusions with a goal for the preparations on and efficiency of ABA League j.t.d. Assembly planned for 24 July in Belgrade to be optimally performed.

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Based on the already received applications, the ABA League j.t.d. Presidency has recognized huge interest and need of all basketball subjects within the region for launching the Second ABA League. With a conclusion that it is a project that is going to have a powerful impact on the progress of basketball, the Presidency of the ABA League j.t.d. has analysed and anticipated all of the necessary steps that need to be made, so that the project would begin in the 2017/18 season. They will be discussed at the next ABA League j.t.d. Assembly, when the final decision regarding the matter will be made.

The Presidency of the ABA League j.t.d. has made a conclusion that the preparations for the Junior tournaments (U19) are going according to the plan, which is also the case with the Supercup that will take place in Bar.

Based on the propositions and plans of the management, the Presidency of ABA League j.t.d. has stated that all activities that need to be carried out with a goal of adequate preparation for the 2017/18 season and raising the quality of the competition are foreseen.

The Presidency and Management of the ABA League j.t.d has held a meeting with the Referees commission and analysed the course of the implementation of decisions of the ABA League j.t.d. Assembly, which were made with a goal of constantly raising the level of officiating, which is already at the enviable level.