Decision by ABA League Appeals Board on sanctions against Široki

After an appeal by Široki, the Appeals Board, composed of President Boštjan Koritnik, and members Krunoslav Štengl and Milovan Zvijer, has, based on the articles 50.1, 50.4, 50.5, 50.6, 50.8, 50.11. of the ABA League Disciplinary Code (DPABA), unanimously made the decision to alter the decision made by the ABA League Disciplinary Judge, No. 102-2019/20, made on 16 March 2020.

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The Appeals Board partly altered the decision made by the Disciplinary Judge and the altered part of the decision now stands that:

  • The sanction for Široki of playing the next home game in the ABA League 2 in front of empty stands is abolished.

The Appeals Board partly confirmed the other par of the decision made by the Disciplinary Judge, by confirming that Široki is sanctioned by:

  • Fine in amount of 5.000 €.

You can find the original document HERE.