Sixt Primorska win the thriller in Mostar and remain the only undefeated team in the league

The boys from Koper are now on 7/7! 

Ivan Miličevic (Photo: Zrinjski/Ivica Mucic)

2018/19 ABA League 2 regular season, Round 7, Wednesday, 7.11.2018:

Zrinjski - SIXT PRIMORSKA 63:66 (19:9, 9:17, 10:22, 25:18)




Sixt Primorska have defeated Zrinjski in Mostar after a dramatic ending! The visitors had +10 before the start of the last quarter 48:38, however Zrinjski made a big comeback and took over the lead on 1:40 before the end – 63:61. Still, they could not keep that lead in the remaining time.

Experienced forward Lance Christopher Harris turned out to be the hero of Sixt Primorska this evening. He firstly scored a 3-pointer to get his team back in front – 64:63, while then he made 2 free-throws and made the final score – 66:63.

Sixt Primorska have therefore remained the only undefeated team in the league with the overall score of 7-0, while Zrinjski suffered another defeat and they are now at 1-6.