Seminar for statisticians of the ABA League clubs was held in Belgrade

With a goal of the best possible preparation for the new season, the seminar for statisticians took place at Belgrade's Faculty of Sports.

Seminar for the statisticians in Belgrade (Photo: ABA)

The new ABA season is just in front of us and everyone are making their final preparations for another exciting journey. Therefore, ABA League organized its annual seminar for statisticians of the first and second ABA division at Belgrade's Faculty of Sports.

In order to take the quality of the statistics to a higher level, the statistians analysed various delicate in-game situations together with seminar's special guests - renowned ABA League referee Milija Vojinović, game comissioner Vlado Borovina and coach Sava Rajković.

After organizing another high-quality seminar, ABA League is just about to finish its preparations for the new season, during which the fans will be able to enjoy a wide range of competitions, including ABA League, ABA League 2, ABA Super Cup and U19 ABA League Championship.

We are convinced that it will be another season to remember.