Emotional ending of the ABA League 2 season for Borac and their passionate crowd

ABA League 2 is all about emotions. This became fully evident after the Semi-final game of Borac and Krka in Čačak.

Ilija Djokovic, Marko Marinovic (Photo: ABA/Ivica Veselinov)

While the guests have celebrated their Final ticket, that they have just won, Borac players were covered in tears due to the unfortunate ending of the ABA League 2 season for them. They have ended the regular season on first place, have never been defeated at home during the regular season, but were eliminated on home court in the battle for the trophy, when it mattered the most.

Check out the reaction of players both on court and during the post-game press conference, which are evidently fully devoted to our beautiful game of the basketball, but also the crowd’s reaction, which has, despite the defeat, awarded their favourite players with ovations from the stands for their effort and tremendous season and also chanted the name of their captain Marko Marinović, who played an excellent game, which in the end was just not enough for his team to reach the finals.