Sixt Primorska: “We expect to be in the Final”; Vršac: “We know our rivals very well”

At the official press conference ahead of the 2018 ABA League 2 Final Four, the head coaches of all 4 participants stated their ambitions about the upcoming tournament.

2018 ABA League 2 Final Four, Press Conference (Photo: Borac/Dusko Radisic)

Sixt Primorska head coach Jurica Golemac:

“This tournament is quite special for all of us, while I think that all teams have equal chances of winning it. We respect Vršac, but we arrived here full of confidence and we expect to be in the Final.”

Vrčac head coach Goran Topić:

“For us, it is an honor to play such an important tournament here in Čačak, in front of the crowd which really loves basketball. We know our next opponents very well, as we have already played against Sixt Primorska several times in this season. We will try to use our youth and our fighting spirit to reach our goal.“