Čović, Todorović and Pantović: “Welcome to the town of basketball”

Ahead of the peak of the ABA League 2 season, the Final Four Tournament in Čačak, the ABA League President Nebojša Čović, Čačak mayor Milun Todorović,  and Borac President Predrag Pantović have welcomed the fans, media and the teams to the town that is famous for its love for basketball.

2018 ABA League 2 Final Four, Press Conference (Photo: Borac/Dusko Radisic)

Nebojša Čović, ABA League President:

“When we have come up with the idea of the ABA League 2 last season we had a lot of thoughts on how it would look like, but I believe that we have succeeded in making a giant leap in terms of development of the regional basketball, with the creation of ABA League 2 after the ABA League itself. Our main focus was to animate the famous basketball centres from the territory of former Yugoslavia. I believe that we have successfully done that.”

Milun Todorović, Čačak mayor:

“I would like to state a special welcome to our guests from Slovenia and Vršac. Welcome to Čačak. We hope that you would enjoy your time spent here in Čačak. We also hope that the competition would be sportsmanslike and fair like it has been until now. We will try our best to be as good hosts as possible.”

Predrag Pantović, Borac President:

“We are extremely satisfied with ABA League 2. This competition has helped us to achieve the most important thing for us – to bring back the fans to our arena. To get back into the hearts of the people of Čačak and this is the most healthy basis of the progress of the club. I would like to greet all of the participants of the Final Four Tournament. You were real competitors and we have had excellent games throughout the regular season. I wish you all great games at the tournament in which the fans could enjoy as well.”

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