They played in ABA 2 Qualifiers, now they face each other in the semifinals – Sixt Primorska vs. Vršac

Who’s going to reach the Final?

Shawn King (Photo: Sixt Primorska/Jani Turk)

Sixt Primorska and Vršac will face each other in the semi-finals of the 2018 ABA League 2 Final Four, while the story about this duel starts about 6 months ago…

Back then, both teams played in the ABA 2 Qualifiers, trying to take the last two tickets for the 2017/18 ABA League 2 regular season. And, as you can see, Sixt Primorska and Vršac were the two best teams in those Qualifiers and they made it to the regular season.

After going through all 22 rounds, Sixt Primorska and Vršac have ended up among the top 4 teams on the standings, therefore advancing to the final tournament. Sixt Primorska finished the regular season at the 2nd place, Vršac clinched the 3rd position, while what is also interesting to mention is that the two sides had the same overall score at the end – 15-7.

Now it is time for their final battle in this season. And whoever wins it will qualify for the 2018 ABA League 2 Final!

The match starts at 20:30, while you will be able to watch it live on TV Arenasport and TV Planet.

2018 ABA League 2 Final Four, Semi-Finals, Tuesday, 3.4.2018:

Borac - Krka (18:00)

Sixt Primorska - Vršac (20:30)