Seminar for statisticians of the ABA League clubs in Belgrade

With a goal of the best possible preparation for the new season, the seminar for statisticians took place at Belgrade's Faculty of Sports.

Seminar for the statisticians in Belgrade. (Photo: ABA)

The preparations for the new season are underway with full speed, and its important piece took place at the Belgrade’s Faculty of Sports, where the seminar for the statisticians of the clubs of the first and second division of the ABA League took place for the second year in a row.

For the ABA League fans, together with Genius Sports, we have prepared a new, enhanced, experience in following the statistics of the ABA League games through our website and official app.

The new software, that will be used for producing and delivering the stats, was presented to the ABA League clubs’ statisticians and together with expert consultant Milivoje Jovčić, the renowned ABA League referee, various delicate situations were analysed in order to take the quality of the statistics to a higher level.

With high-quality seminar, ABA League is on the right track on its preparations for the new season, where fans will be able to enjoy a wide range of competitions under its umbrella, from the first division of the ABA League, to second division, Super Cup and junior tournaments. We are convinced that this season will be the one to remember.